“Poor gut health is at the root of so many health issues, including autoimmune disease. I love how Aglaée helps readers understand in a clear yet easy-to-understand and holistic way how food and other natural strategies have the power to heal the body from the inside out. I highly recommend Digestive Health with REAL Food for those suffering from both gut issues and autoimmunity.”
Sarah Ballantyne, Ph.D.
New York Times bestselling author of The Paleo Approach and Paleo Principles

Digestive Health with REAL Food was one of the first books I received when I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. It is a treasure trove of well-researched and practical information for transforming our digestive health. Aglaee has elevated the quality of the book even more in this edition by now including information on disordered eating and body image to ensure that those on therapeutic diets don’t develop, or exacerbate, a negative relationship with food and body.”
Jessica Espinoza
Nutritional Therapist & Mind Body Nutrition Coach
Founder of DeliciousObsessions.com

“Knowledge of the importance of gut health has exploded in the past decade, and is arguably the most important element one might consider for health and longevity. But how can one make sense of the vast amounts of information and conflicting clinical recommendations? My go-to is the gut-health bible, which also goes by the title Digestive Health with REAL Food. Whether you are a layperson looking to improve your health or a practicing clinician looking for insights to help your patients, this book is indispensable.”
Robb Wolf
Former Research biochemist
2-time New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author

“There are only a few books on my shelf that I’ve referenced over and over since starting my career in coaching and nutritional therapy. These are the consistent “go-to” guides that I use in my work and recommend to my clients, and Digestive Health with REAL Food is among them. Approaching our food as the foundation for true digestive health can be intimidating, but Aglaee has made it clear and simple in her book. The new edition with important information for those navigating both digestive healing and disordered eating struggles is that deeper step needed for so many, and I am beyond grateful that Aglaee is leading the conversation!”
Angie Alt, CHC, NTC
The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook

“Not only is Aglaée Jacob a renowned and respected nutritionist within the alternative medical community, she is a personal friend and cherished confidant. I trust no one more with my gut related issues, as she has healed me from the inside out and been there for me every step of the way. If you want to heal your gut and improve your overall health, her book Digestive Health with REAL Food, is your ticket to a greater quality of life and improved well being. Her book breaks down the science of gut health and takes the anxiety out of navigating your way to a better, healthier and energetic life.”
Lisa Marie Holmes
Herbalist and holistic health coach

“Digestive health is a complicated topic. Aglaée Jacob has beautifully broken down the key components and a customized plan for success in her book, Digestive Health with REAL Food, 2nd Edition. The graphics and tone of the book make the information approachable and engaging. As an RD, I highly recommend this book to my clients seeking improvements in their digestive health.
Stephanie Greunke, MS, RD, CPT, WHE
Co-host of the Real Food Mamas Podcast
Co-creator of the Healthy Mama, Happy Baby Program

“In Digestive Health with REAL Food, Aglaee Jacob has created the most practical roadmap to recovery for anyone suffering from leaky gut, dysbiosis, or other digestive issues. With easy-to-understand explanations, helpful charts and diagrams, and nourishing recipes you can’t go wrong by adding this resource to your library!”
Mickey Trescott, NTP
Author of The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

Digestive Health with REAL Food is a comprehensive resource both for those suffering from digestive issues and for the clinicians who treat them. Aglaee expertly walks you through the potential triggers for digestive symptoms and how to zoom in on the root causes and solutions, with a focus on healing with real food.”
Lily Nichols, RDN, CDE
Author of Real Food for Gestational Diabetes

“I really love how Aglaee has incorporated the mind-body element along with different versions of an elimination diet. These elements together create a truly holistic plan. When we create our healing plan based on our own needs, we tend to heal more deeply. Thank you Aglaee for creating such a loving roadmap for others.
Jessica Flanigan
Clinical Nutritionist
Noetic Field Practitioner
Author of The Loving Diet

“Aglaée’s insights, explanations, and specifically the troubleshooting and food category charts included in this book ushered me through a dark period in managing my Crohn’s disease. I was able to walk away from neverending online research and focus on her flexible approach. Within the first month I saw results that surprised my doctors. Within 6 months, they were taking notes from ME…totally wowed by the healing I experienced with Aglaée’s protocol.”
Jennifer, age 40
Crohn’s disease diagnosis at age 15

“At 23 I was sick, tired, and constantly taking off work because my body couldn’t keep up with my lifestyle – none of the normal words used to describe a 23 year old’s life. I was diagnosed with celiac disease, but even eating a gluten-free diet wasn’t enough. It wasn’t until I started working with Aglaée that I felt better. Aglaée helped me come up with a nutrition plan that helped heal my body after years of being nutritionally depleted with some of the most delicious food I had ever had. Through her suggestions, I started feeling better than I ever had both mentally and physically. I highly recommend Aglaée’s book to anybody, but especially those struggling with autoimmune diseases – it will change your life!
Danica, South Dakota

“Aglaée understands that no two people are the same and therefore she knows how to tailor to each of her patients the right diet approach based on their physical needs and the environment they live in. Since I read Aglaée’s book and “met” her online almost two years ago, I have not once needed acid reflux medicine nor have I had extensive periods of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).”
Oded, New York

“I came to Aglaée as many else have….very desperate and in much pain. From my first interaction with her she helped to put my mind at ease and offer me the hope that I needed. I can’t figure out which aspect of hers is more integral….her profound knowledge of the mind, body, soul and nutrition….or her sensitive, supportive, and mother-like personality. Aglaée is a gem that I hope the world will learn about and access. I hope that she can continue to access those that are in most need of her help as well. She has helped me to eradicate my pain and increase my mental and physical well being monumentally!”
Jeremy S., Chicago, IL